Circling Around an Old Path to a New Beginning . . .

ANewPath2Dear Blogworld,

Hard to believe it has been almost 6 months since my last post. My how time flies! I don’t have too many excuses why I haven’t posted, just felt the need to go offline for a while and experience a little of JOMO (joy of missing out). While I haven’t been as creatively productive as I would like it has been nice to do a lot of self-reflection and do a lot of inner exploration.

Have been observing my own creative cycles as well as natures especially as I took a walk along this path and was reminded of how in late spring I had walked along this same path thinking similar thoughts and noticed the changes and how in just a few months there will be new buds of growth on the trees.

Happy New Year!

Welcome Spring!

sketches3-13Wow, where do the days go? Hard to believe it’s been more than 2 months since I’ve last posted on my blog. Feel like I am finally emerging from my hibernation!

While I haven’t been as productive doing art as I would have like, I would catch myself over the past few months doing some sketch journaling during some of my meanderings as the winter turned to spring in the Bay Area. Though I haven’t been posting them here. It made me think of the old saying of if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear, does it make a noise? Is an artist still an artist is she doesn’t share what she has been doing on a blog?

Refilling the Creative Void

I have been spending the past few weeks doing a lot of reflecting as well as organizing my creative space better as I gear up for 2013. I felt a little concerned that maybe art-wise I am losing some of the momentum I created last year in doing art, yet I am reminded that sometimes it’s good to take a break and refill the creative well. I did go on a few art dates (a term coined by Julia Cameron who wrote the Artist’s Way) last week that helped reinforce this.

Urban Art

Last Sunday, I went to the Oakland Museum to check out the we/customize collaboration project that celebrates the maker culture, especially those that take what is mass produced and add their own creative spin to it.

scrapermontageThe day I went, they were showcasing Scraper Bikes with Tyrone Stevenson, Jr. of the Original Scraper Bike Team. I didn’t know what a Scraper Bike was, but learned they are personally tricked up bikes that use spray paint, foil, colorful tape and even old candy wrappers to decorate the bike frame and rims and found inspiration from Scraper cars.

It was definitely hands on as we were encouraged to decorate the rims they had provided as well as design our own scraper bikes by adding color to templates. Some brought their own bikes to work on as well.

In addition, I enjoyed hanging out in the café enjoying live jazz where I got inspired by the group at the next table sketching. I didn’t bring my sketch book, but it reminded me that, gee I could do that!
I also got to soak in the wide variety of exhibits from Native American craftsmanship to Modern art.

diyScience & Art

Then on Thursday night at the California Academy of Sciences, where from 6-9 pm they open their doors for “music, creatures and cocktails,”  I volunteered with Radical Mycology at the How-to NightLife.

There was a wide variety of DIY opportunities from learning how to DJ, metal stamping, silk-screening, knitting and with Radical Mycology, how to cultivate your own edible mushrooms. I helped participants inoculate prepared straw with oyster mushroom spores and create kits to take home to grow their own oyster mushrooms.
During breaks, I explored the museum and got inspired by fellow DIYers as well as the many exhibits there. It was interesting to see people walking around a science museum with cocktails. Wandering around the aquarium hearing ambient music and observing people chilling with the sea creatures added an element of surrealism to the evening.

Collage Play with Doodles

collagedoodle2Days 2, 3, 4, 5 . . .

During the past week I added to the collage intermittently in between last minute holiday shopping and celebrations. Seemed that each step I took lead me to another:


I added another layer of red, yellow and blue paint after the initial collaged layer.



Then I cut up small squares of tissue paper onto which I drew 20 random doodles. The only consistency was that the drawings began and exited halfway on all four sides.



Afterwards, I randomly pieced together the squares and created one huge doodle. Think it’s the biggest one I’ve done. I then thickened the lines. Now am pondering what to do next.