Moveable Type Truck Visits Old Oakland

Had a little cabin fever yesterday after a week of laying low due to my cold so I decided to check out the Moveable Type Truck.

Kyle Durrie, a letterpress printer from Portland, OR, decided to take her print shop on the road in her decked out truck. She set up shop outside of Marion and Rose Workshop in Old Oakland. The well-organized truck had 2 presses, cabinets, a cozy sleeping area and a huge US map charting her road trip.

I’ve always loved letterpress and had fun making my own print and I came home energized and able to tackle my to do list.


4 thoughts on “Moveable Type Truck Visits Old Oakland

  1. I love Gertrude but she was way wrong about Oakland! I love seeing that “postcard” playing on her “no there there” quote about Oakland. And what a moveable feast is the type truck!

    1. Thanks Beth, I was inspired by both the moveable type truck plus also the fact that Kyle drove the truck cross country on her own! Talk about being fearless! (Just got done reading your post on fearlessness)

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