Art Every Day Month — Day 2

Dolphin Power!

I decided to do more playing around with the fused plastic and was compelled to try and do a dolphin. It was a good challenge because with the fused plastic you never know how the iron is going to react to the plastic.

As I started working on this, I was curious as to why I chose a dolphin so I looked in my power animal book Animal Speaks to see what it had to say, “If dolphin has shown up as a totem, ask yourself some important questions. What are your words and thoughts creating for you? If unsure, when dolphin arises, you will soon discover. Are you getting outside and enjoying fresh air? Are you holding tension? Are others? When dolphin shows up it is time to breathe some new life into yourself. Get out, play, explore and most of all breathe.

Sounds like great advice to me. I just took a deep breath. Now its time to go out, smell the fresh air and play!


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