Art Every Day Month — Day 21

Collage Book Art — Finis

I added more drawings and colored pencil enhancements to a point where I have decided to declare this book DONE! Yeah! It has also given me a chance to reflect on the Art Everyday (AED) Challenge so far.

It’s hard to believe I am 3 weeks into the AED Challenge. I have surprised myself by doing art and posting everyday. It has been more fun than I had anticipated and has given me a chance to play around with materials I haven’t used in a while, but also a challenge in terms of sometimes having a hard fitting it into an otherwise busy day.

Having a daily art practice is something that I have wanted to cultivate for a long time. Doing the AED challenge has helped me get over myself and just do it and in the process I find myself getting absorbed into the daily act of doing as opposed to waiting until I am in the mood to do it which seems to never come. I am hoping this can be something I can build on after the challenge ends. I guess that’s up to me! ;=)


4 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month — Day 21

  1. Hi Leonie – this is an inspiring idea and one I think I would like to try. I am still in the process of setting up my new studio and I’ve been thinking about how to be ready to make art whenever I want or can. I think I need a table for each of the painting mediums that I love so that I do not waste time in the set-up, clean-up loop. I should do that this weekend!
    Will you continue to make art every day once the month is over?

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