Out of my Comfort Zone


Bull? Acrylic Paint, 24"x30"
Bull? Acrylic, 24″x30″

In a recent art class we were asked to create a piece that was opposite of what we usually do. I generally work small and hadn’t worked much with acrylic paint so I decided to challenge myself by creating a large painting.

I began by building abstract layers between warm and cool colors and letting them dry so the colors didn’t become muddy. After adding a few layers, I found myself getting overwhelmed and felt perhaps I had bitten off more than I could chew. I only had a week to complete the painting.

I took a break to see what I have done so far. As I stepped back, I saw what looked like an animal form emerging from the abstract brushstrokes. I decided to play up the image and incorporate a graphic style I had seen in some mural paintings I like. I used a masking technique after I worked out the animal drawing.

The result? I definitely surprised myself by allowing myself to let go and create a painting that was definitely out of my comfort zone in a style I haven’t attempted before. But I am left with a question of what exactly is this a painting of . . . A bull? Dog? Pig?


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