Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages Book Art
Mixed Messages Book Art

My “Mixed Messages” book art evolved out of my own questioning as a burned-out graphic designer who was also dealing with a lot of loss within a short period, trying to heal and reclaim my artist-self.

I felt as though I was pulled in many directions, internally and externally, confused by the many mixed messages I received from family, friends, colleagues as well as our culture and media and had no way out.

I decided to STOP and began to spend a lot of time in solitude journaling and working through the many layers.

It wasn’t until after I finished the book that I realized that the square/diamond cutout pattern in the center represented how through building these practices of writing, reflection and meditation, I have slowly been able to carve a path through this muck and begin to tap into my authentic creative self.

This is an ongoing process for me, especially during these volatile times, yet worthwhile.

Are there practices you use to cut through the inner and outer chaos in your life?



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