Originally from New Jersey, Leonie Holzman has been creative her whole life. An old family story tells how at a young age she would often draw what she wanted when she couldn’t verbally express it and during middle and high school, turned in school reports adding hand-drawn art to the cover and layout, but denies it being a deterrent for the content itself. In hindsight she realizes now that they were early explorations of her interest in book arts and graphic design.

Moving to San Francisco, Leonie attended the Academy of Art University where she majored in Graphic Design. During that time graphic design incorporated a good blend of creative challenge and hand crafting skills.

As graphic design transitioned to being solely on computer, she began to explore analog forms of creativity such as book arts, drawing, collage, watercolor and drumming to help balance the digital world of creating graphics, as well as exploring matters related to living sustainably by studying eco arts, permaculture and natural building and also incorporating how to live more mindfully.


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